Kate Woods

Kate Woods is my pen name because, well, my name was already taken…

I was going to write under my real name, but when I searched Amazon I found someone else named Kate Williams who was already out there writing vampire erotica, which is definitely not my thing. I didn’t want anyone confused as to what I meant when I wrote about a nightstick swinging, so Kate Woods was born.

But I digress. A million years ago I was a cop. I worked the night shift, responded to 911 calls, wore a uniform, pointed guns at people, drove a car with siren, the whole bit.

But then I crashed my car, ended up in a coma and decided that maybe that wasn’t the job for me.

Years went by and I did all the things you’re supposed to: got a good job, built a great family, but the stories still wandered in the back of my mind.

So a year ago I quit my sweet corporate gig and started to write. A lot.

Now I have drafts of one novella and two novels, none of which are even close to what I’d call DONE. So I’m winging it now, working through the process to go from writer to published author of my first series Seattle Homicides.

There’s a lot to do but sitting in my office all by myself is getting a little lonely. I’m looking for people interested in riding along on this crazy journey.

You in?